Disney World is Re-Opening in July

Story by Olivia Haberek, Staff Writer

On July 11th, the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom will be reopening in Disney World. Following that, on July 15th EPCOT and Hollywood Studios will be reopening. Disney World and Disneyland have been closed since March.

With their reopening comes a lot of health precautions. Employees and guests must wear masks, and before entering get temperature screenings. Their capacity will also be reduced at the resorts and parks. Also, there will be no parades, fireworks, or other crowd gatherings. Cash will also be prohibited to promote contact-free payments. Lastly, there will be more hand sanitizer stations.

Carli LoPresto, a sophomore, when she heard the news stated, “I’m so excited I hope we go back in the summer!” LoPresto and the rest of her family including junior Tori LoPresto and 8th grader Aaron LoPresto, are huge Disney World fans and make an enjoyable family trip out of it almost every summer.

Disney World is a very large attraction for many ages and is guaranteed to be a great time and fun memory. Although there will be restrictions and rule-following, many people will still be looking forward to making new and magical memories.