Student Gov Executive Board Elections Held

Story by Ava Schrage, Staff Writer/Editor

On Monday, June 1st, SHS’ student government held virtual elections over Google Meet, where 7 current juniors were chosen to fill the executive board positions for their senior year.

Traditionally, each grade elects 10 student government representatives, and from there, the 40 total student government members vote on 7 seniors to hold these executive positions. As a collective, the executive board plans and runs the meetings that are held after school and attended by all representatives from each grade. Together, the entire student government’s job is to organize school events (pep rallies, dances, fundraisers, awareness weeks, etc), encourage involvement in extracurriculars, school spirit, and community service, and to overall help build up a happy learning environment through acting as a voice for the student body.

The student executive board works closely with the Board of Education, where they participate in town meetings and communicate their ideas, goals, and outlines for the school. They are also the leaders of different established committees determined at the beginning of the school year, where they take charge in carrying out major school events.

In order to run for any spot within student government, the candidate must give a speech to the student body during the election period, along with others who are running for the position. As a result of the elections that were held last Monday, the following 11th grade student representatives have been given the board spots:

Lily Haghpasand- President

Aytal Malik- Vice President

Celia Moffitt- Second Vice

Justin Holland- Treasurer

Taylor Donovan- Recording Secretary

Ava Schrage- Corresponding Secretary

Olivia Monte- Parliamentarian

Although these elections were held as normal, it is uncertain how responsibilities will change during the next school year, as COVID-19 precautions and restrictions may still apply by that time. Despite the uncertainty, new student government president Lily Haghpasand stated “I’m actually very excited to work with all these extra challenges, because there’s so much more we can do to pull everyone together. I think this board will mesh really well together, so I’m excited to see what we can accomplish.

Adding on to the concerns posed by many students and families, second vice Celia Moffitt responded, “Being elected onto the executive board has been a goal of mine since freshmen year, and I am beyond excited to continue working with such a dedicated group of students. Although the uncertainties of the upcoming year pose many questions, we will work diligently to continue traditions and maintain our community outreach.”