A farewell to the Brown & White

Story by Ben Fyke, Staff Writer/Editor/Social Media Manager

When I decided to sign up for Journalism I during the summer of my junior year, I didn’t think much of it. I figured it would be another fun elective in my schedule and I could spend it with my friends who were also enrolled in the class.

Fast forward almost two years later and I have stayed with the Brown & White, enrolled in Journalism II. I also have declared journalism as my major at the University of Rhode Island next year. Being a staff writer of the Brown & White has led me to love the craft of journalism and want to pursue it as a career, which is not something I expected when I joined the paper in 2018.

From the beginning, I loved writing stories about school events. As I wrote about Friday night football games, student government elections, fundraisers, and any other event, I began to see why people go into the field and love it so much. I also enjoyed writing opinion pieces about school-related issues and starting a dialogue about them within the school community. This year, my article about the shortcomings about the upper parking lot was even shared to the Stonington Community Forum on Facebook and sparked a conversation within the town community.

This year, I have also increased the social media presence of the Brown & White. I created a Twitter account where stories are posted, and an Instagram page where photos and videos are posted. I have also enjoyed having this responsibility, and it is my hope future members of the Brown & White will continue to take advantage of these platforms.

My two years of being a staff writer for the Brown & White has been the most unexpectedly transformative period of time in my life. If you had asked me what my career goals were as an underclassmen, I wouldn’t have been able to provide an answer. Now, though, I know that I want to earn my bachelor’s degree in journalism and hopefully work in a newsroom someday. I have enjoyed these last two years with the Brown & White, and leaving the publication is bittersweet to say the least. I will surely get involved with the student newspaper at URI, though, and continue to pursue my love for journalism.