How Lifted Restrictions Will Affect This Summer

Story by Emma DeLaRosa, Staff Writer and Editor

With concerts, festivals, travel, and other typical summer plans being brought to a halt, it can seem as though there isn’t much to do. Even though the coronavirus has placed extreme restrictions on people’s lives, there are still ways to have fun this summer.

Instead of going to a movie theater, you can have a fun night at the drive-in! On May 23, the Misquamicut Drive-In opened and will be playing movies every Friday and Saturday night throughout the summer. This could be a great way to spend your weekend night while keeping your distance from others.

Another restriction that has eased regards restaurants. The first restrictions lifted for restaurants allow for outdoor dining. This can add a sense of normalcy and gives people the chance to go out to eat finally. While there are of course restrictions, such as the mandated masks, limited seating, and reservations, they are all placed to create a safe environment.

In the summer months, the weather is sunny and warm very often, so it is only natural for people to want to go outside. With the reopening of many states, people can now go to beaches and parks under social distancing restrictions. Some restrictions include wearing masks, no large gatherings, no groups larger than five people, and keeping six feet apart from others.

Other places reopening include stores, salons, and gyms, that will all have their own sets of guidelines and restrictions as we move through the phases.

As society adapts to the ever-changing standards of coronavirus, we will discover a new normal. There must be small steps taken in order to achieve a sense of normalcy, but over time, we will gain more and more of a sense of familiarity.