Many People Prefer In School Schooling Over Online Schooling

Story by Olivia Haberek, Staff Writer

I recently administered a poll through my Instagram account @oliviahaberek with the question “Do you prefer online school or actual school?” There were 120 votes. There was a variety of ages in the votes as well. There were people from middle school, high school, and college. Along with different grades, there was also a variety of different schools included in this poll.

The ratio of online to actual was not very close at all. There were 98 votes for actual school while there were only 22 votes for online. Those votes caused a ratio of 82% in favor of actual school to 18% in favor of online school.

One reason people voted in favor of online school was that they like working at their own pace for school. For some, it is working slower and taking more time on the work and for others, it was to get all of their work done as soon as possible to have more free time. Maddie Hamm, a sophomore, stated, “I can do all my work on Mondays and then have the rest of the week to do whatever I want.”

Many of the reasons for voting actual school was because of human interaction. Also, many people work better in a face-to-face atmosphere with one-on-one learning. With online, it is very difficult to just ask one quick question that isn’t worth a full email. Also, actual school gives people a way to see their friends and make fun memories even if it is just a group project or something small like that. Gracie Todisco, a senior, stated, “Although online school does have some advantages there are so many things I miss like my friends and the human interaction so I really do prefer actual school.”

So although some people do prefer online a majority of people do prefer actual school for many different reasons.