Summer jobs in jeopardy due to pandemic

Story by Nicole Haberek, Staff Writer and Editor

When the coronavirus hit, no one knew it would last this long. The summer is in jeopardy, meaning summer jobs are in jeopardy. Many students work at non-essential businesses that may not be opening any time soon, or with intense restrictions. 

With beaches and restaurants closed, many students will be unable to return to their jobs this summer or begin a new one. Seniors who will be attending college in the fall need to work this summer to make money. 

Gwen Andersen, a senior at SHS, works at St. Claires in Watch Hill. She says, “We will still be working but everything is from the windows, no indoors all summer.” St. Claires is one of the most popular places to eat down the beach in the summer.

Evan Boisoneau, a senior at SHS, works at a restaurant during the summer. He says, “So I work as a busser and not only am I afraid that they won’t open but I am also afraid that if they do, I’ll be exposed to the virus because I’m handling the dirty plates.” 

No one wants to be exposed to this virus, and opening up all the spots that the tourists love may be doing just that. It will not be easy to find a safe way for people to have their summer jobs, but hopefully, one will be found.