Fall Semester for Universities Remains Unclear

Story by Emma DeLaRosa, Staff Writer/Co-Editor

In March, many colleges and universities began closing their campuses for the remainder of the spring semester, but now as summer approaches, many institutions are still unsure if they can return in the fall.

In fear of coronavirus, all 23 California State University campuses have decided to continue virtual learning for the fall term. They have become one of the first institutions to make this decision. They made this decision in anticipation of the second wave of infections that is predicted in the upcoming months. 

While California State University has been among the first to make a decision, Harvard Medical School said that first-year students will begin classes remotely. There are only a few other smaller schools that have dedicated themselves to starting online-only; not many final decisions have been made yet. 

This is has been a very difficult time for the high school class of 2020. SHS Senior Grace Todisco will be attending the University of Alabama and said, “The University of Alabama said they expect to return to campus in the fall, but nothing is set in stone. It’s just that the last days of our senior were taken away from us, but now our first year at college won’t be the same either.”

This is both a devastating time for students and the institutions themselves. Colleges and universities could lose millions of dollars because of the complications that coronavirus has imposed. 

Universities will announce more updated decisions within the upcoming weeks and months.