The VOICE Program Returns To West Vine With A New Group of High Schoolers


Story by Nicole Haberek and Emma DeLaRosa

Last semester, the Women’s Studies class visited the fifth graders at West Vine for the VOICE program and focused on empathy, but this semester, the new group of second-semester high schoolers will work with the kids on perseverance. 

This second semester is a chance for the fifth graders to make new connections and relationships with different high schoolers. It also gives the high schoolers an opportunity to make a difference in the community by working with the kids and bonding with them.

Since these kids have experienced a whole first semester of the VOICE program, we asked them what was their favorite thing about the program. Two of the girls, Bailey and Rhiann said, “We love all the projects that we do. We also love the high schoolers and how good they are to us.” 

This was the first day many of the kids learned what perseverance was and how it affects them in their life. When asked about what they learned about perseverance, Sakari put it very simply and said, “to try, try again.”

Because this was the first time that the kids really learned what perseverance was, the high schoolers played different games with them to show them what it was all about. One game included the kids getting in pairs and tossing marshmallows into each other’s cups. They faced a lot of difficulties but through not giving up and coming up with different strategies, they got a good understanding of what perseverance really is.

The high schoolers will continue to work with the fifth graders throughout the semester which always leads to great experiences for both groups. It offers a lot of learning opportunities for the fifth-graders and gives the high schoolers a chance to connect with younger kids.