Celebrate Valentine’s Day by Purchasing Candy Grams from AFA

Story by Ava Schrage, Staff Writer/Editor

The AFA club here at Stonington- the Alliance for Acceptance- has been selling candy grams during lunch for Valentine’s Day which can be bought up until Wednesday afternoon.

Candy grams are small, decorated pouches filled with various candies that you can buy to send to someone else in the school, whether it’s a friend, significant other, or someone else. When you buy one, you fill out a gift tag with the name of the person you’re buying it for as well as your own, unless you want to make it anonymous.

When you buy a candy gram you do not give it to the person it’s for yourself. Members of AFA will be coming around to different homebases to distribute them this Friday on Valentine’s Day.

A small bag costs $3, a large bag costs $5, and for either a mini bag or a single Valentine’s card you can pay $1.

In addition to being sold at lunch, AFA members will be coming around into homebases tomorrow and Wednesday to make additional sales.

All of the candy was donated by AFA members and their advisor, Senora Lembree.

All of the money will go towards AFA’s annual trip to UConn’s True Colors Conference on March 20th and 21st, which will pay for the club’s tickets and transportation.