Attention Seniors: Fill Out Your Senior Yearbook Profile Information

Story by Nicole Haberek, Staff Writer and Editor

For seniors, the second semester of senior year calls for many exciting things, one of them being the school yearbook and putting in all of your senior information. An email was sent out on Thursday from Ms. Reilly that had a Google Form attached to it. In this Google Form, there are five different sections that need to be filled out. These sections include senior quotes, senior informals, senior superlatives, senior dedications, and senior selfies. This form needs to be filled out and submitted by February 21st or it will not be accepted to be put into the yearbook.

Leaving behind a senior quote is something that many people think long and hard about. It should reflect who you are a person and help leave the legacy that you want to leave behind after you graduate. The quote should be funny or inspirational, and most importantly, it needs to be school appropriate. The maximum characters for this quote are 100 characters.

The senior informals in the form are “finish the sentence” type of prompts that seniors can fill out. The number of informals included in the yearbook is limited because each informal only has one page. The informals included in the yearbook will be chosen by yearbook staff.

Senior superlatives are a very important part of the yearbook. Seniors can vote for the people that they believe represent the superlative best. The superlatives this year include things such as class clown, most likely to host a talk show, worst driver, and many more. The top two seniors nominated for each category will win.

Senior dedications are a space where seniors can thank the people around them who have helped them achieve things throughout high school. Seniors can thank people such as teachers, coaches, friends, and family. This is a place to reflect on your experience and time at SHS and how it has impacted your life as a whole. These dedications should be short and only 1-10 sentences in total.

The senior selfie is an appropriate selfie that you can post of yourself that will go above your Senior Dedication in the yearbook. If you do not submit an appropriate picture, there will only be your name above the dedication.

Lastly, parents of seniors can go onto the website for the yearbook and create parent recognition ads. These ads are due by February 13th.