Second Semester Guide to Schedules

Story by Ava Schrage, Staff Writer/Editor

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Monday, January 27th marked the first day of the second semester, which comes along with many new adjustments to the schedule here at Stonington.

Last semester, periods 2 and 4 on even days were always in the morning while periods 6 and 8 were always in the afternoon. However, with the start of the new semester periods 6 and 8 have begun to start in the morning, leaving 2 and 4 in the afternoon. However, all odd days will be rotated as normal.

Additionally, classes during the third block that are on the first floor will now be taking second lunch (with the exception of gym, music, and art classes), while classes on the second floor will have first.

Despite the start of the new semester, grades for the first semester are not quite finalized yet. Teachers still have until tomorrow, Thursday, January 30th at 7:30 am to finalize the exam and semester grades. After this, students who want to drop a semester class can talk to their guidance counselors to see if they can replace it with a half year course.

Not only this, but if you want to make changes to your new schedule, come talk to your guidance counselor as soon as possible to see what can be done before the class dropping period ends at the end of next week.

Course selections for the 20-21 school year are coming up very soon, so students should start to consider what classes they want to take. However, many new classes are going to be added while older standards ones are being erased, so see guidance for more information and a specific break-down of options.

The portal for teachers to begin making recommendations of classes for students opened on January 21st, and closes on February 10th. If they haven’t already, your teachers should be talking in class about personal recommendations soon. For certain classes like honors, AP, and ECE courses, specific grades may be required in previously taken classes, so if you plan on taking an advanced class talk to your teacher, guidance, or reference your course selection booklet (which is also available on the SHS website) for more information.

In roughly 2 weeks, assemblies in the auditorium will be held for each grade (with the exception of seniors) about what courses are available to students and what credits need to be fulfilled. On February 11th there will be one for current freshmen, then one for sophomores on the 12th, and juniors on the 13th. Take advantage of this time to plan for the upcoming year!