New Senior Lounge made possible with $2,000 donation

Story by Ava Schrage, Staff Writer/Editor

The senior class officers have redesigned the entire senior lounge as their senior gift.

They replaced the original sofas with larger, black couches, matching the new modern black tables and chairs, along with a rug, plants, a foosball table, board games, and more.

Along with these new editions, a new list of rules have been added to the lounge. In the list that’s posted on the back wall reads, “No food/drink (this includes water), no shoes on the couch, and put games away in their boxes.”

According to Mrs. Burger, the senior class adviser, the total cost of the new lounge was $2,609. However, Bob’s Discount Furniture donated $2,000 to Stonington High School for this project, where all the new decor was bought.

Many students of the senior class are very excited that this has been redesigned, saying that it’s a much more comfortable space with more room for people to hang out in. According to senior Ava Brunnock, a frequent lounge user, it’s a great gift because it “is also a gift to the future seniors who can also enjoy the space,” and she “absolutely loves the new games that were added.”