Everything You Need to Know About the Senior Project

Story by Sarah Flakus, Editor/Staff Writer

All Stonington High School seniors should be in the process of completing their Senior Project, a graduation requirement in which students shadow a professional in the career field in which they are interested.

So far this year, students should have turned in their Letter of Intent, stating what their initial idea for the project was, and their Mentor and Parent Form, which demonstrates the agreement between the student and the mentor. Now, students should be focusing on the fieldwork portion of the project.

Students need to complete a minimum of 15 hours of fieldwork with their mentors. By February 24, students need to submit four, one-page journal entries that reflect their experience working with their mentors. The first journal entry should be about the safety precautions of the job they were doing and the emergency procedures their mentor explained to them. Journal entry two should be about the problems they encountered while working and how they tried to solve them. Journal entry three should describe an interesting experience they had during their work and what it taught them. Lastly, journal entry four should be a reflection of the student’s overall experience. Journals will be graded on the quality and length of the writing.

It is recommended that students complete their journals as they complete their fieldwork hours so that they do not forget details of their experience.

After the fieldwork hours and journals are complete, students will have to complete an annotated bibliography regarding a topic associated with their field of work. For example, if somebody completed their project working for a newspaper, their research could be about the history of the press.

The Letter of Intent, journals, annotated bibliography, resume, associated forms, and a thank you letter to the mentor, will be combined to create the Senior Project Portfolio, that will be turned in through the Google Classroom before students present their projects.

On May 29, all students will present a 15-minute project documenting their experience and what they learned through their mentorship. They will be judged by teachers and a junior-panel, yet they will be presenting to all grade levels.

All seniors should be working hard on their project as it is required for graduation, and can give them insight on possible future careers. If anyone has any questions, or are in need of help with their project, they should see Mrs. Lamb in the Career Center.