Countless Scholarship Opportunities for Seniors

Story by Nicole Haberek, Staff Writer and Editor

Now that it’s January and the first semester of school is coming to an end, many students have either already been accepted to college or are awaiting their letters. One large part of the college process is financial aid. There are many different ways to get financial aid for college such as FAFSA and merit money, but one thing many times students don’t look enough into is how many scholarship opportunities are out there for them.

As a student of SHS, everyone has access to a list of scholarships to apply for when you sign into Naviance. There are different categories of scholarships that you can sort through to see which ones you may be eligible to apply for. There are scholarships for all different things such as ethnicity, majors, gender, military families, and much more. There are many other websites besides Naviance that you can go on to see thousands of scholarships nationwide. You can also check around the area for local scholarships. The money may not be as much but when it comes to paying for college, but every penny counts.

Many students don’t take the opportunity to apply for as many scholarships as they could because they don’t want to take the time to do it. They don’t want to have to fill out the application or write the essays but in reality, the time it takes you to do this will be worth it when you have to pay less for college in the future.  Many times there are scholarships left with no winners because students do not take the time to apply for them. There is free money out there that is not being used that could be yours.

For scholarship opportunities, go talk to Ms. Lamb in the Career Center. She is a great resource for information about scholarships and can help narrow down what scholarships to apply for. You can also look on Naviance yourself to find scholarships and on the Internet to the countless websites that are used for scholarship finding.