New Computer Club Running at Stonington High School

Story by Olivia Haberek, Staff Writer

Stonington High School has recently started a new club this year. It is a Computer Club that was started by the senior Emmett Breen. The Brown and White spoke with Emmett Breen occurred about the club and its mission.

BW: “What made you want to start it?”

EB: “When I got to high school I quickly realized how passionate I was about computer science, and I wanted to give those who are also interested in a way to expand their knowledge in a fun, application-based club.”

BW: “What do you do in it?”

EB: “So basically I teach python which is a computing language not taught at the high school and we code projects together on raspberry pis which are mini-computers. We are also in the process of partnering with Stonington Human Services to volunteer as tech support for the local senior citizens.”

BW: “What do you hope to do with the club?”

EB: “I hope to expand the amount of people in the club which will allow me to begin the volunteering aspect hopefully once a week.”

BW: “Who advises it?”

EB: “Mrs. Gauthier advises it.”

If you are interested in joining Stonington High School’s Computer Club you can talk to Emmett Breen or Mrs. Gauthier.