NHS Members to Begin Tutoring

Story by Nicole Haberek, Staff Writer and Editor

Starting during the month of October, every Tuesday through Friday there will be National Honor Society members in the Tutoring Center during TASC Block. There will be one student tutoring for STEM classes and another student will be tutoring in English and history.

If you want to get tutored during TASC block, sign up on Monday with your TASC block teacher. The tutoring center is located on the cafe side of the cafeteria.

Tutoring will also be available during study halls. If you would like a peer tutor during your study hall, you can visit the Stonington NHS Website, https://www.sites.google.com/site/stoningtonnhs/ and fill out the Google Form. Students will then be matched with a tutor who is available during that study hall and is available to tutor them in the subject that is requested.

If you have any questions about tutoring you can ask Ms. Gauthier, Ms. LaCombe or head of the tutoring committee Filip Aubrecht.