SHS Ping Pong Club to Hold First Meeting of the Year

Story by Sarah Flakus, Editor/Staff Writer

The first meeting for the Ping Pong Society will take place on Wednesday, October 9, during TASC Block in the Commons.

This club was founded two years ago by former student Calvin Hanson, ironically as a joke. He, and his other co-captain, current senior Trevor Fornara, thought it would be funny to print and sell shirts for a “Ping Pong Club,” without the presence of a real club at the school. Then, Fornara said, other students started asking him questions about the club, wanting to join and from there the club was born.

The club was originally advised by Mrs. Gottlieb. However, due to her busy schedule this year, she was unable to continue advising, and the position has been filled by Mr. Smilinich.

Another change this year is in its name. The Stonington High School Ping Pong Club now has the new name of the Stonington High School Ping Pong Society. “The goal behind the name change was to revive the club with some new spirit and some new ideas,” Fornara said. “The club in previous years was run by two co-captains, but now we have decided to have a whole board system.”

The club has also rebranded in other ways. A new logo was created this year by the board along with different stickers and other types of merchandise, for members and interested parties.

This club is very popular amongst the students for a fun way to relax with their friends and play some ping pong during TASC. To join, all students need to do is text @shspong to 81010, and sign up for the meeting next Wednesday.