Link Crew Leaders Lead Middle School and Freshmen Orientations

Story by Nicole Haberek, Editor

During the week of August 19th, juniors and seniors of Stonington High School participated in Link Crew. Link Crew is composed of upcoming juniors and seniors and are advised by Mr. McCarney, Mrs. Houle, and Mr. MacDonald. This group of students and teachers come together to put on freshman orientation. Because of the consolidation of Pawcatuck and Mystic Middle Schools, Link Crew members also put on orientations for the sixth, seventh and eighth-graders.

August 19th and 20th were training days for students to learn what they would be doing for the orientation days. Wednesday, August 21st was the day of orientation for sixth and seventh graders and Friday, August 23 was the orientation for eighth-graders. Because of the move, the Link Crew leaders’ goals was to show the kids around Stonington Middle School and make them all feel comfortable and welcome. Both days of orientation went very well and the activities that were done with the students helped them to be able to not be so nervous on the first day. They were able to meet kids from both schools and begin the process of coming together as one school.

The high school orientation, which was on Thursday the 22nd, went very well. The Link Crew leaders were very prepared and able to carry out the day with no problems. All the incoming freshmen were able to meet some new people, including upperclassmen. The Link Crew Leaders also were able to bring their students on a tour of the school and give them their schedules. Link Crew Leaders also talked to them about things freshmen should know and also gave them information on the new T.A.S.C block.

All in all, this year of Link Crew was very successful in both the middle and high school. Link Crew every year gives students an opportunity to connect with others before the start of the school year and also get familiar with the school.