Senior Prom Takes An Unexpected Turn

Story by Emma DeLaRosa, Staff Writer

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Saturday, May 26, the members of the senior class attended prom at the Mystic Marriott expecting a normal evening, but the night came to an unexpected twist once they were told to evacuate before the end of the event.  

Before the change of plans, the prom was a lovely evening with great music, a photo booth, a buffet-style dinner, and ice cream for dessert, that all the students thoroughly enjoyed. Even without the evacuation, the Class of 2019 would have finished their senior year with a night to remember.

The night took a sharp turn once the DJ was told to cut the music and alert everyone to evacuate the dance floor. Although many students were coughing and claimed to have itchy eyes, no one knew what had happened. According to Andrew Connelly and others at the event, “We were all so confused” and described it as the “weirdest prom yet.” While several students had their own predictions and conspiracies as to what caused the frenzy, it has been confirmed that the substance that brought the night to a sudden close was pepper spray.

Although the ambulance was called and a few people were sent to the hospital, everyone is now okay and the issue at hand has been resolved.

Because the evening was brought to such an abrupt halt, the Prom King and Queen never got the chance to be crowned. At school the following week, it was announced that Prom King was Kyle Tavares and Prom Queen was Emma Sabbadini.

Although no one could have predicted a night like this, it is good to know that everyone is safe and now it will definitely be a story for the Class of 2019 to tell for the rest of their lives.

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