Juniors! It’s Time To Start Thinking About Senior Projects!

Story by Nicole Haberek, Staff Writer

The end of the school year is coming up quick and although the only thing on most people’s minds is summer, the incoming seniors for next school year have one big thing to think about: their senior project.

The senior project consists of five parts and students need to complete 15 hours of fieldwork.

These parts include:

  • Written Communication: Letter of Intent, Thank You Letter and schedules
  • Journals including evidence of the 4 C’s: Convince, Consider, Connect, Communication
  • An annotated bibliography
  • Digital Portfolio
  • Final Presentation

The Senior Project allows students to pursue something in an area of interest to them. This can be academic interest, sports, social service, or a possible career. Students can develop new learning techniques and responsibility. It also allows students to make new connections in the community and develop communication skills vital for the future.

Students will need to find a mentor who is an expert in the field they are pursuing. This mentor will help the student throughout the entire process.

There are many routes that students can take while getting ready for their Senior Project. Students should pick a topic that is very interesting to them and something that they can see themselves putting a lot of time into and enjoying the process.

Though many students see the Senior Project as a burden and something they have to do to be able to graduate, it can actually be a great jumpstart to finding your career path or a hobby you never knew you would enjoy.

Even though the topic submission itself isn’t due until the fall of senior year, summer grants a great opportunity to start your project and maybe even get in your hours. The possibilities for this project are endless, and students should really get involved and make it their own.

If any juniors have questions, contact Mrs. Bradinini and also see the Senior Project Handbook.