Have Questions About Final Exams? Read This!

Story by Ava Schrage, Staff Writer

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Final exams to end off the school year will take place between Monday, June 10th, and Thursday, June 13th.

Students will have two scheduled exam periods each day, with a third make-up exam period for cases of absences during an exam. For each of the four testing days, the first exam block ‘A’ will take place from 7:30 to 9:00 am, the second exam block ‘B’ goes from 9:30 to 11:00 am, while makeups will be available during exam block ‘C’, which goes from 12:30 to 2:00 pm. No regularly scheduled exams will be held past 11:00 am. If you’re late for an exam or miss it entirely, see your teacher in order to arrange which day you’ll be able to make up the exam during block C.

Period 8 will be the very first exam on Monday, followed by period 6. On Tuesday it will be period 7 and then 5, while Wednesday will have periods 4 and 2, and finally, on Thursday there will be periods 3 and then 1.

Between each exam, there is a 30 minute-long period where students are able to go to the commons or the library media center. As exams are worth 20% of your entire semester grade, students are strongly advised to use this free time to study for other exams that they have coming up. If you need help coming up with effective ways to study for your exams, see any guidance counselor for methods of properly studying!

It is mandatory for students to attend to their exams. The only acceptable reasons for absence include illness, court, emergencies, or a prearranged absence approved by the administration, but even with this, students are still expected to make up any missed exams that they have missed, as mentioned previously. However, according to the final exam guide distributed by the school’s administration, “Seniors with an A- average in one-semester or a full year course and/or seniors who maintain an average of 90 or higher during the second semester of a yearlong course are exempt from their exam.” Additionally, if you have a study hall period, you are not expected to go to school for the exam period of your study hall, as there are no study hall exams.

On these exam days, buses will come at 11:00 am (after exam block B) and at 2:00 pm (after makeup block C). There will be no late buses on exam days. If you don’t have an exam at any point in the day, you are allowed to leave school, given that you have your own transportation home.

Good luck to everyone on their exams next week! For further information, see any guidance counselor for more.


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