Freshman Profiles: Eileen Ackley

Story by Sarah Flakus, Staff Writer

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How was your first semester?  Pretty good, I got into the groove a couple weeks in and kind of figured out my schedule. A lot of people were very helpful with the transition from middle school to high school which was great.

Are you nervous for exams?  Yeah I’m really nervous. Part of me knows what to expect because of what people have told me, but I’m still a freshman at the same time so I’ve never gone through exams and need to figure them out. I’m hearing mixed reviews about how people have done in the past so that freaks me out a little bit.

What are you most nervous for when it comes to exams? I’m nervous for my Honors Biology exam, and my Algebra 1 exam because I have heard those are pretty hard. I’m also a little scared about my french exam.

How will you study for your exams? Everyone has given out study guides and practice problems, so I like to look at those, and go through all of the papers that my teachers have given me. I also want to visit with some of my teachers to clarify some things that I am confused about.

What are you most excited for second semester?  I’m really excited to have midterms behind me, but also getting to see all my new classes and meet new teachers and make some new friends.

What was your favorite class this semester?  I learned a lot in Honors Modern World History with Mrs. Houle, but I really enjoyed all of my classes this semester.


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