Course Selection Information

Story by Ava Schrage, Staff Writer

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On February 13th there will be an assembly held in the auditorium during an extended homebase period for students to learn about course selections for the upcoming year.

Freshmen and sophomores will be called down to the assembly, while juniors will get their own assembly once the first one is completed. This year’s seniors won’t attend, due to graduation.

During these assemblies, teachers will present different classes that they teach and will do a basic overview of what that class is like and what it’s about, as well as what you can expect a normal class day to be like. This assembly will be a good opportunity for you to learn about all of the options of courses that are available to you and what you might be interested in taking for the upcoming year(s).

Course selections are beginning to be in motion, so plan a meeting with your guidance counselor if you have any questions regarding the topic.

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