The American Sign Language Club: An Interesting Take on Learning a New Language

Story by Sarah Flakus, Staff Writer

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On Tuesday earlier this week, many of SHS clubs gathered in the gym to take their respective pictures for this year’s yearbook. On this year’s list of all the clubs this school has to offer, there were many new additions, including the American Sign Language club.

The ASL club was formed this year by Junior, Leila Robarge, and many of her friends. When asked why she wanted to start a club based on sign language she responded, “I’ve wanted to learn sign language for a very long time, and have picked up some, but language is a very difficult thing to learn when you don’t have anyone who you can talk to and practice with. Last year i realized a lot of other people felt the same way I did, so I decided to make it a club.”

There are 39 total members, nine of which are members of the board. The goal for the first year of meetings is simple: to be able to communicate on a very basic level. “We want to get to the point where we would be able to get everything we need if we were in an all-deaf community.”

Members of this club also plan to find an organization to volunteer with so that they can use their newly developed skills while simultaneously giving back to the community. “We want to spread awareness about how deafness is not only not being able to hear. The deaf community has its own culture and distinct history filled with pride, and not many people are aware of that. We want to educate people about that aspect of it as well,” Robarge says.

So if anybody wants an interesting new language to learn in a stress-free environment, joining the American Sign Language Club might be for you.

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