Restaurant Review: Fresh Cup Cafe

Story by Nicole Haberek, Staff Writer

A new coffee shop called Fresh Cup Cafe opened up on East Avenue in Westerly. It has been open for a couple months and there has been a lot of talk about it in the town. There are not many coffee shops in town that are run by local people so it is a pleasant change from the normal Dunkin Donuts and Bess Eatons on every corner.

The interior of the cafe gives the classic coffee shop vibe. It has a lot of seating to choose from. There are couches that you can sit on if you are just relaxing or they have tables and chairs where you can get work done.

When it comes to what everyone really cares about, the drinks and food, this new place does not disappoint. They have a lot of many different types of tea and coffee, smoothies that you can customize to your liking, and various frozen drinks. The food selection is very good too. They offer bagels that come straight from New York, breakfast sandwiches and a variety of pastries like muffins and scones.

I’m sure that just like me, most of us love going to the other locally owned coffee shop around, Junk and Java. Fresh Cup Cafe does not have quite the same eclectic feel that Java has, but it is much bigger. The prices are very comparable to Java, a little cheaper actually. The only more expensive item is the breakfast sandwiches, but that’s because you are paying for quality with the majority of sandwiches having fresh mozzarella cheese and fresh vegetables.

All the employees I encountered were very sweet and the cafe is very clean and welcoming. So the next time you and your friends want to go have a coffee date, or you have a big essay to write and need some alone time, don’t hesitate to try out Fresh Cup Cafe because it will not disappoint.