Spanish and French Students Visit New York City

Story by Ben Fyke, Staff Writer

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Stonington High School foreign language students went on a day trip to New York City Friday. The trip was attended by both Spanish and French students in the IV and V level classes.

The trip began with a walking tour of Spanish Harlem and the murals that portray Puerto Rican heritage and culture. Afterwards, the Spanish group went to Museo Del Barrio and the French group went to The Frick to view artwork that was significant to the respective cultures. Spanish went Victor’s Cafe and French went to Le Rivage for lunch. Both groups met up to go view the tree in Rockefeller Center, and took a salsa dancing lesson to finish off the trip.

Most students who went on the trip thought it was a very fun time. Both restaurants were well-liked by mostly everyone, and salsa was probably the best part (in my opinion). The trip is one of the highlights of being enrolled in an upper-level foreign language class.

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