Freshman Profile: Carli LoPresto

Story by Nicole Haberek, Staff Writer

How do you like high school so far?

“It’s okay. I like it better than middle school.”


What is your favorite part of high school so far?

“I really like having study hall so I am able to get work done during school. I also like how you have less classes a day.”


What is your least favorite part of high school so far?

“I have so much more homework than I used to.”


What are you most looking forward to about high school?

“Definitely softball. I’m so excited to play.”


What sports are you going to play in high school?

“I’m going to do indoor track and softball.”


What are your favorite classes?

“Geometry and P.E.”


Do you have any goals for yourself in high school?

“I want to get good grades and make it to highest honors.”