The Spanish Honor Society Celebrates Dia De Los Muertos

photo by Lea Kennedy

Story by Nicole Haberek, Staff Writer

During homebase on Thursday, November 1st, the Spanish Honor Society celebrated Dia De Los Muertos. The society has been planning this for a few weeks. They had different groups in charge of different aspects of the celebration.

In the upcoming days before the celebration, members went around and gave each homebase sugar skulls to decorate, which are a symbol used on Dia De Los Muertos. Each homebase decorated its doors with the skulls. The society also organized for there to be Mexican music playing during the morning of Dia De Los Muertos.

During the meeting on Thursday, the society celebrated in a variety of ways. A group of students learned how to salsa dance and taught the rest of the society how to do it. Another group of students brought in Mexican food that they made for the celebration.

The students were encouraged to talk to their homebases about what Dia De Los Muertos is and why it is important in Mexico. Dia De Los Muertos translates in English to “The Day of the Dead.” This is a day when people celebrate their loved ones who have died, and they believe that on this day their souls come down and celebrate with them.

The celebration will continue with a Coco movie night! Members of the society will be hosting this movie night at SHS. Coco will be playing in Spanish with English subtitles. There is not a date yet, but be on the lookout for future details on this event.