SHS Students Look Back on their Life-Changing Trip to Asia


Story by Sarah Flakus, Staff Writer

This past summer, many SHS staff and students went on a two-week trip to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand where they were immersed in a culture completely different from their own.

The trip kicked off in Vietnam where the students visited many historical sites including the Chu Chi Tunnels, which the Vietcong used to get around undetected during the Vietnam War. Junior, Evan Boisoneau, described how they were able to actually go into the tunnels and experience what it was like to navigate underground. “It was really cool,” Boisoneau said, “Definitely a little scary, but overall really interesting.”

Another memorable part of the Vietnam section of the trip, according to junior Kaira Wiltshire, was going on a boat tour and visiting the floating villages in the country. “Again when we visited the villages, we were immersed into the daily culture of the people living in the country and we got to experience a new way of life which was really cool.” Wiltshire said.

The students then traveled to the countries of Cambodia and Thailand, where once again, the students got to meet many different people and do activities they had never done before, like visiting Angkor Wat Temples, or roaming the streets of Bangkok.

Both Boisoneau and Wiltshire agree that interacting with the locals was the best part of the trip. “When we visited the primary school in Cambodia it was really fun to play with the kids and see what education is like there. They taught us some words in Khmer, and it was really cool to see how excited they got to teach us instead of the other-way-around. Everybody was so hospitable and kind.” Wiltshire said.

The trip opened the students up to a whole new culture, which is the main reason most students regard it as unforgettable. When asked if she would like to do it again, Wiltshire said, “It truly was a life-changing trip, so I would definitely like to go on more in the future.”