2014-2015 Staff

Olivia Bayer

My name is Olivia Bayer I'm an SHS senior journalist who loves dogs and spending half my pay checks on concerts.

Kaitlyn Williams

My name is Kaitlyn Williams and I'm in tenth grade.

Drew Bailey

I'm a sophomore and this is my first year of journalism.

Grace Williams

Hi I'm Grace (the one on the right). I'm a sophomore and I like to write :)

Marissa Yambao

I'm in tenth grade, and I'm on the varsity track and field team. 

Emma Miller

Sophomore at Stonington High, play field hockey and softball, and first year of journalism. 

Morgan Floyd

 Senior, third year journalist, and food lover. I also enjoy long walks on the beach with my dog. 

Nathan Holliman

My name is Nathan and I am 18 years old and moved to Connecticut seven years ago from Michigan.  I am a senior and my extracurricular activities include Mock Trial, Football, Baseball, and Jazz band. 

Clara Mattano

My name is Clara and I like pandas and writing opinion pieces. 

Connor Jopson

I am a senior in high school.

Jake Metcalf

Jake Metcalf  Grade 10 Class of 2017

Ashlynn Mitchell

I'm Ashlynn, senior here at Stonington High School.One of my favorite quotes to share: "If you can look up you can stand up." So keep your heads up and move on, Bears!...

Hannah Gilman

Hi I'm Hannah. I am a senior at Stonington High School. This is my third year in journalism.

Nicole DeFranco

Hi my name is Nicole, I am a senior and I enjoy writing articles based on opinions.