UFC 250: What the casuals have to know

Story by Greyson DelGrosso, Staff Writer

UFC 250: What the casuals have to know – 

Last night the UFC took the empty, silent stage in Las Vegas, Nevada for UFC 250. This is the sixth UFC event that has been rescheduled for behind closed doors in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The sheer excitement of the event was unbearable, and these are the breakdowns of the best 3 fights in case you missed them; 

3) Amanda Nunes vs Felicia Spencer 

This fight was the final of the night, and would’ve taken the top spot had it not been such an uneven match up. This test was for the women’s featherweight belt, in front of zero fans. Nunes is 13-1 in the UFC and has effectively cleaned out both female weight classes, she’s beaten everyone. Nicknamed “The Lioness” for a damn good reason, she tore the “Feenom” Felicia Spencer to pieces. Despite being an Invicta FC champion, BJJ and Tae Kwon Do back belt, Spenser couldn’t seem to land on Nunes the entirety of the fight. Nunes picked apart Spenser on the feet and when Spenser attempted to close the distance with a takedown, Nunes stuffed and reversed every attempt. Despite obliterating Spencer for the fight, she didn’t once stop pressing. Some fighters tend to shy away from damage in later rounds with strikers as precise as Nunes, but she stood and traded what she had, which ended up being too little. The fight ended in a unanimous decision victory for Nunes, the judges scoring it (50-45), (50-45), and (50-46). 

2) “Sugar” Sean O’Malley vs Eddie Wineland

Sean O’Malley is a 12-0 undefeated MMA fighter hailing from Helena, Montana. His tattoos and hair are a resplendent rainbow and he fights like a hurricane. Eddie Wineland (24-12) is a seasoned and durable UFC vet who has fought some of the best older UFC veterans and primarily survived. I understand the necessity to put seasoned guys in front of Sugar on his way to the top of the mountain, but O’Malley made an absolute mockery out of Eddie. This is the entire 1:54 of their fight broken down: 

“Sugar” Sean O’Malley landing the R1 TKO Finish

Round 1 – Wineland out quickly, and O’Malley kicks at his lead leg. Wineland slips under a high kick. He’s showing lots of head movement early. O’Malley misses on another high kick. He’s moving well, shifting laterally and looking for opportunities. O’Malley with a nice right hand. Wineland lands one of his own. Wineland has the center, and he’s pressing. O’Malley slipping and moving. He kicks to the body and lands a right hand. Another lands clean, and Wineland hits the deck. O’Malley doesn’t follow. Walk-off finish for O’Malley. 

1) Cody Garbrandt vs Raphael Assuncao 

Cody “No Love” Garbrandt is a former Pinnacle FC fighter and UFC bantamweight champion after becoming only the second fighter to defeat Dominick Cruz, handing him his first defeat in almost a decade at UFC 207. His record was at one point 11-0, and then he got sucked into the emotional side of fighting. He began a rivalry with a fellow fighter TJ Dillashaw, that forced him to make a lot of mistakes when their fight came around. He lost their first matchup in 2017 due to a second round TKO, and again by first round TKO in their rematch. Cody had fallen hard in the rankings and took a comeback fight which he was also knocked out in. We hadn’t heard a whole lot about what he was up to, and then he took the fight with Raphael. Raphael has been hanging out with the Bantamweight top 10 for a while now, weathering almost every storm he’s faced. He played the entire first and second rounds real safe, quite respectful of Cody’s speed and precision. Then he got cocky in the last few seconds of the second round, put his hands down chasing Cody, and got flatlined with a right hook. Cody perfectly slipped the lazy left hand his opponent threw, popped up and ended Raphael. He literally couldn’t stand up on his own afterwards. The best piece of it is that it happened at the buzzer. Raphael went limp as the round ended, and the ref made a swift stop.