The NBA is Playing in Disney World

Story by Carli LoPresto, Staff Writer

In late July, NBA players will restart the league season at the Disney campus near Orlando, Florida. The NBA’s Board of Governors approved a 22 team format for restarting the season.

The vote required 3/4 of support to pass and it got a 29-1 vote from owners on the call.

The Western Conference will have 13 teams going and the Eastern Conference will have 9. Usually, the NBA season has the top 16 teams in the playoffs, but for this season it will include the top 22 teams. Memphis, Portland, New Orleans, Sacramento, San Antonio, Phoenix, and Washington will make the playoffs according to ESPN.

The season for Atlanta, Cleveland, New York, Golden State, Minnesota, Detroit, Chicago, and Charlotte are over.

The location that they will be playing at is a 255 acre campus with multiple arenas that can host many games at a time. There have been no announcements about if fans are allowed to be present but fans will probably not be present.

The owners just need an approval from the National Basketball Players Association before the league can move on. There is supposed to be a virtual call on Friday with the National Basketball Players Association to approve the plan that the owners voted on.