How Local Teams are Still Giving Senior Athletes Senior Night

Story by Carli LoPresto, Staff Writer

Last week, the Stonington softball team put together a car parade for all of the senior softball players that couldn’t play their last season. There were a variety of posters on everyone’s cars and even gift baskets that each of the seniors got which they would’ve gotten at their senior night softball game.

The seniors were greeted at their houses by loud honking horns and screaming softball players wishing them a happy senior night. Even though they weren’t able to get their senior night on the field, they still got to see some of their teammates 6 feet apart.

Waterford has also had a senior celebration. They had a little photoshoot on their new turf field (social distancing of course). The Play For the Cure broadcast gave the seniors a little bit of recognition by interviewing them and asking them about their softball passion.

Even though these seniors might not be playing their senior season, people are still making ways to tribute them during this pandemic.