Interview with Patriots Special Teamer Justin Bethel


Story by Christopher Caraballo, Staff Writer

Life in quarantine may be weird for the average joe, but have you thought about what it’s like for a professional athlete? 

I had the special opportunity to interview Patriots All special teamer Justin Bethel about this very subject. The following is a Q&A I had with him over Instagram: 

Q: “What do you normally do during the day?”

A: “Normally I wake up, eat; usually cereal, workout, and then rehab on my shoulder. I usually get done with that around 1 o’clock. Then I relax, play Apex or Call Of Duty and then watch Anime. I’m a big fan of Anime.” 

Q: “What’s your favorite thing to watch right now?”

A: “ Definitely anime. I usually watch a couple of shows, though. I’m trying to finish WestWorld right now. And yes, I watched Tiger King. Carole definitely did it by the way.”

Q: “How’s the shoulder rehab going during this time?” 

A: “Going good. Talked to the doctor. I’m right where I need to be at.”

(For context, Bethel had shoulder surgery during the offseason.)

Q: “Have you adjusted to Quarantine yet?”

A: “You can only adjust as much as you can. I’m usually a home body so… It’s not that much different for me.”

He was also quoted saying that he has begun cooking a lot more recently. He said that he would normally “order food or… nevermind I usually order food because I’m lazy.” He was in the middle of cooking himself dinner while we conducted the Q&A. He was making spaghetti, a meal that he said was his go-to before game day. He also is recently engaged, saying that he was lucky the wedding happened before the whole corona situation transpired. He said his wedding was “one of the last before this whole corona thing happened and they started canceling weddings.” 

The last question was the big one.

Q: “What is it like being an athlete during the quarantine?”

A: “Most of my friends are handling it well. At this time we’re normally getting together with the team for OTA’s, so it sucks, but we’ll get through it. We just have to depend on everyone doing their jobs at home.” 

It was really interesting to hear what he had to say. It makes this situation seem more real knowing that professional athletes are struggling with this just as much as you and I. Bethel wasn’t the only athlete I got to talk to though. Semi Ojeleye of the Boston Celtics also chimed in, and I’ll tell you what he had to say next time.