How the Coronavirus is Ruining High School Athletes’ Futures

Story by Carli LoPresto, Staff Writer

As you all know, as of yesterday, the CIAC made the decision to postpone the season indefinitely. Their next meeting will be May 7th to come to a final conclusion. Executive Director of the CIAC, Glenn Lungarini stated, “Playing sports in July is a possibility. July might be challenging for some schools. June 13 is not waived yet. Nothing is set in stone. We will consider one-time exceptions of any rules and regulations due to the unprecedented nature of this pandemic.” This at least gives some hope for all the high school athletes.

When asked how she felt about the possibility of her whole junior softball season being canceled, SHS softball shortstop Tori LoPresto said, “I think that they shouldn’t cancel it all the way, they should just wait and hold it off as long as possible. I feel bad for the seniors and we want to play the final season with them. Some of us have played for over 11 years with some seniors. I understand in the end that it is for health reasons, I want everyone to stay healthy.”

Mark LoPresto, a member of the Eastern Connecticut Board of Umpires, said, “I feel disappointed because I can’t go out and umpire to keep the game of baseball going.”

Since the Coronvirus has postponed the spring sports season, many questions are arising. How are all the seniors supposed to get a good last season in? How are the seniors supposed to get their last chance to set school records or personal records? How are all of the baseball and softball athletes supposed to get to the 100 hit milestone they might have been working towards since freshman year? The postponing of the Spring sports season is definitely going to have a bad impact on all athletes statistics.