Indoor Track Nationals Cancellation Leaves Participants at a Loss

Story by Olivia Haberek, Staff Writer

Indoor Track New Balance Nationals that were planned to happen Friday, March 13th, 2020 through Sunday, March 15th, 2020 at 9 am in New Balance Armory, NY have been canceled. The athletes and coaches who were supposed to attend are devastated.

Coach Benjamin Bowne said, “We are very disappointed.” He also added that they are “Heartbroken for athletes who were looking forward to running.”

Coach Megan Chapman said that they are “Heartbroken” and that this is even worse because there is “no closure on the season.”

Rhys Hammond said that “It’s unfortunate. We were preparing this last stretch for this meet and now it is going to be anticlimactic.” He then continued to say, “It’s the right decision, so now I can only hope spring sports still happen.”

These athletes and coaches are very upset but at the same time, they are very understanding. Athletes and coaches continue to hope for the best with upcoming spring sports.