Stonington High School Awarded with Michaels Achievement Cup

Story by Sarah Flakus, Editor/Staff Writer

On Thursday, November 21, several SHS students traveled to the Aqua Turf Club for the 2019 CIAC Sportsmanship Conference to accept the school’s Michaels Achievement Cup award they won for the 2018-2019 school year.

Tyler Fidrych, Peter Fernholz, Emma Anderson, and Sarah Flakus represented SHS along with Mr. Friese, Mr. MacDonald, and Mr. Morrone.

The Michaels Achievement Cup is awarded to many schools across the state that have impressive athletic programs, with an emphasis on sportsmanship. Schools apply by submitting an online survey to be analyzed by a committee of CIAC staff. The categories used for this analysis are 30% sportsmanship, 20% athletic participation, 20% athletic scholarship, 10% athletic personnel, 10% equity, 5% chemical-free initiatives, and 5% athletic success.

For the 2018-2019 school year, Stonington was one of 20 schools awarded with this Cup.

The conference began with a presentation from keynote speaker Eddie Slowikowski, a Loyola graduate, All-American track-and-field star. His presentation was about his seven steps to success, and how he used them to break the four-minute mile in his college career. Then, a few different schools in the CIAC presented their sportsmanship initiatives in their community. Lastly, the Michaels Cup awards were given out and lunch was served.

The school is very proud of this award and hope to continue to show great sportsmanship and athletic success in the future.