SHS Crew Team Seeks New Members

Story by Maura Nowak, Staff Writer

The Stonington High School crew team is looking for new rowers to join the program.

With December 2nd marking the official start of the winter conditioning season, it’s a perfect time for those interested to jump in and start building their strength. Winter conditioning improves fitness, brings the team closer together, and ensures that the rowers are ready for a strong spring season.

Crew has both a fall and spring season, which involve races on the water. Winter conditioning, however, takes place indoors. It typically involves a workout on an erg, which is a rowing machine designed for land, as well as strength training and other physical exercises. Throughout the season, the team grows together, and it’s amazing to see the progress at the beginning of spring.

For those who are unsure, crew is a great sport that challenges you both physically and mentally. The crew community is one of the strongest communities at SHS, and joining will introduce you to an amazing circle of focused, passionate, and accepting individuals.

All grades, not limited to only freshmen, are encouraged to join. Many varsity rowers joined their sophomore or junior years with no prior experience and quickly found a passion for the sport.

Practices are six days a week, running from Monday to Friday and a morning practice on Saturdays. Boys’ practice starts immediately after school and finishes around 3:30 PM, while girls’ practice runs from 4 PM to around 5:30 PM. A bus is available to bring crew members to practice every day.

If you’re looking to join, you can talk to any member of SHS crew or contact the following numbers: (415) 244-7824 or (860) 912-7835 for girls and (401) 609-8110 for boys.