Juniors Take the Victory in 2019 PowderPuff Game

Story by Olivia Haberek, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, November 20th, 2019, at 6 p.m. the annual Stonington High School girls PowderPuff game was held. This is a game where girls come together and make a team with their grades to participate in a one-night flag football game.  Freshman play juniors and sophomores play seniors, then the winners of each game go to play each other in the championship game.

The freshman coaches are Ms. Singer and Mr. Binkowski, the sophomore coaches are Mr. Bousquet and Mr. Smilinich, the junior coaches are Mr. Moore and Mr. Denard, and, lastly, the senior coaches are Mr. Friese and Ms. Crowley. This year the freshman jerseys were light pink with black lettering, sophomores were dark purple with mustard yellow lettering, juniors were white with black lettering, and seniors were black with black lettering.

The first game was sophomores vs. seniors which was a tied 0-0 score until the second half when quarterback Phoebe Werling threw the ball to reciever Carli LoPresto who ran to the endzone and made a touchdown. The second touchdown by sophomores was made by Phoebe Werling when she ran with the ball to the endzone, making a touchdown. The seniors made no touchdowns. The game ended with a sophomore win with a score of 16-0.

The second game was freshmen vs. juniors. There were multiple touchdowns made by juniors including some made by Vanessa Benjamin, Gabby Ross, and Kaleigh Bolduc. The freshman did not get any points. The game ended with a junior win with a score of 31-0.

The championship game was sophomore vs. juniors. The sophomores’ only touchdown was made by a throw from Phoebe Werling to Carli LoPresoto, who was in the endzone. The juniors made two touchdowns including one from Vanessa Benjamin, which resulted in a score of 14. The championship game ended with a junior win with a score of 14-6.