Bears Advance to State Quarter Finals in an Unexpected Way

Story by Sarah Flakus, Editor/Staff Writer

The SHS Field Hockey Team beat the Old Saybrook Rams to advance to the Class S State Quarter Final Game in the most unusual way.

After a full 60 minute regulation game which ended in a score of 1-1, the Bears then played two-ten minute, 7 v. 7 overtimes. In both overtimes, there was no score. Then, after a full 80 minutes of play, the Bears and the Rams had to do something that they had never done before: shootouts. In previous years, the overtime policy had been two, ten minute, 7 v. 7 overtimes, followed by a series of penalty strokes in which the ball is placed on the seven yard line and the offensive player tries to get the ball in the cage, often times using a lift. However, the rules changed this year as, in penalty strokes, the goalkeeper is at a disadvantage due to the fact she cannot move until the ball is played.

In shootouts, the ball is placed at the 25 yard line and the offensive player has eight seconds to get past the goalie to score. Both teams choose five players to shoot, and the teams alternate until one out-shoots another. During last night’s game, the Bears dominated during the shootouts.

Goalie Claire Evans stopped all four of the Rams’ opportunities with unbelievable saves. “Claire was a beast during the shootouts,” said sophomore Sandy McGugan. “She was so aggressive which saved us a lot.”

On the offensive side, only three Bears had to perform their moves. Teagan O’Brien opened and scored, Dillon Griscom followed, however the height of the Old Saybrook keeper got the best of her attempted arial shot. Lastly, Ellie Korinek used a series of pulls to maneuver the keeper and scored. The Bears lead the shootout 2-0 after the Rams’ fourth attempt, ending the game with a bears victory.

During the regulation game, both teams held each other to a 0-0 score at the half. Then, in the beginning of the second half, the Rams scored on a penalty corner. However, that did not last long. Just a few minutes after the Rams scored, the Bears came back with a goal from Ellie Korinek. “I think our goal shows a lot about the team,” McGugan said. “It showed how much we wanted to win. Right as they scored our mentality switched and we played more aggressive and scored right after that. We all wanted to play another day, and we worked until we got it.”

The Bears now travel to Westbrook on Thursday to face the Knights for the Class S Quarter Final.