Triple E Threat Continues to Change SHS Sports

Story by Sarah Flakus, Editor

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All sports teams at SHS now have a mandatory curfew 0f 6:30 for the month of September, due to the Triple E threat in mosquitos in the Stonington area.

According to the CDC, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, or Triple E, is a virus also known as “sleeping sickness” the symptoms of which include muscle aches, high fever, and headaches. In the past few weeks, mosquito samples were tested for the virus, and several that tested positive were found in a trap at the swamp behind SHS grounds.

This danger made for a 6:30 curfew, which caused a big disruption for the extra-curricular activities, mainly sports, that practice outdoors. Many sports teams that typically have practice later than curfew had to switch their schedules around, and the game schedules for multiple teams had to be reworked. For example, all of the SHS field hockey team’s home games for the month of September were switched to away games, as the Varsity-level games always start at 6:30.

In addition to schedules being switched around, other problems arose with the detection of Triple E. High school coaches are not allowed to distribute bug spray to their players, due to the risk of allergic reactions, however the use of bug spray during this time is very important. Therefore, players and students need to buy their own bug spray to bring to practices for protection.

The changes made to the extracurriculars’ schedules, are currently in effect until the end of September, however according to field hockey coach, Jenna Tuccio, it may not be lifted until the first hard frost of the school year.