Emmett Breen: Next American Ninja Warrior

Story by Nicole Haberek, Staff Writer

Emmett Breen is a junior at Stonington High School. An honor student and on the crew team, you can find Emmett always working hard at everything he does. He spends most of his time at crew, hanging out with friends and family, and most importantly, being a Ninja Warrior.

At the age of 13, Emmett became what he calls himself, a Ninja Warrior. He went to a meetup to meet a famous American Ninja Warrior, and he was convinced to start training. Emmett started training every week, working out a lot and becoming stronger.

If you have ever seen the show American Ninja Warrior, that is exactly what Emmett does. He practices on various obstacle courses which have different levels of difficulty. There are many different aspects of these courses that require a lot of physical and mental strength. Emmett says, “Sometimes training is difficult, but most of the time it is fun and rewarding when I conquer a course or a new type of obstacle.” 

Emmett goes to the special gyms with the courses to practice twice a week. He also practices at home with a ninja course in his backyard that was made for him. He goes to competitions on weekends and competes against other Ninja Warriors in his age division. Emmett travels all over New England for his competitions.

Emmett says his biggest accomplishment is placing 13th in the Worlds Ninja Warrior Competition. He says, “In the future, I hope to win Worlds one day. That would be a huge accomplishment.”

Emmett’s ultimate goal is to go on American Ninja Warrior and win the competition. If you want to see more of Emmett you can follow his Instagram where he posts videos of his competitions. https://instagram.com/theemmettb?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=2vxzwgdmho74