Fourteen Schools Come Together To Promote Sportsmanship in the ECC

Story by Sarah Flakus, Staff Writer

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This past Tuesday, eight SHS students traveled to Killingly High School for the Class Act Summit, to discuss promoting sportsmanship throughout the school.

This conference, which is held every year, brings together athletes and athletic directors from 14 schools in the ECC who work together to find new ways to encourage leadership through sports. For SHS four seniors and four juniors were chosen to participate in this conference. These students were Miranda Arruda, Kate Johnson, Cassie Onorato, Joey Hinckley, Rhys Hammond, Tyler Fidrych, Emma Anderson, and Sarah Flakus.

The conference kicked off with representatives from Killingly High School and Woodstock High School sharing what they do in their schools to promote sportsmanship. Then, each school was taken into a room where they made a recording that is to be played before every sports game expressing the expectations of both the fans and the players. Later all the schools joined together again to have a discussion on how they can promote showing respect to everyone in all sporting events.

The Class Act Summit was very successful, and all the students from SHS had nothing but good things to say about the day. “I thought that it was very interesting and fun,” Emma Anderson said. “I’m really excited to see if what we did will make a difference in the upcoming sports seasons.”

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