Burnside Named ECC Athlete of The Week

Story by Ben Fyke, Staff Writer

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Riley Burnside, a senior on the Stonington football team, was named ECC Athlete of The Week on Friday after a week of online voting.

The contest was close all week between Burnside and East Lyme cross-country runner Sam Whittaker. Burnside ended up receiving 35.56% of the total vote, winning by just a 0.44% margin.

Burnside, a senior, has been having a highly successful football season with the Bears. In their first victory against Waterford last week, he scored an 80-yard kickoff return touchdown on the first possession of the game. In that same game, he made a game-saving tackle on 4th and goal to ensure the victory. He has been a shining star of the team on both offense and defense and has undoubtedly contributed to the team’s glimmer of success the past couple weeks.

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