Seniors Finally Pull Out a Powderpuff Win


photo by Ann Marie Houle

The first place senior team with coaches Mr. Yuhas and Mr. Binkowski

Story by Nicole Haberek, Staff Writer

photo by Ann Marie Houle
The fourth-place junior team with coaches Mr. Friese and Mr. Curland

photo by Ann Marie Houle
Senior coaches Mr. Yuhas and Mr. Binkowski

photo by Ann Marie Houle
The second place freshman team with coaches Mr. Rahl and Mr. Smilinich

photo by Ann Marie Houle
The third-place sophomore team with coaches Mr. Moore and Mr. Denard

On Wednesday, October 24th, the annual Powderpuff Game took place on the Stonington High School turf. The Seniors won the championship 28-0 against the Freshmen. They beat the Sophomores in the first game 13-20. The Freshmen beat the Juniors in the second game 33-6. Each game was 25 minutes each.

For the past two weeks, the teams have had multiple practices during homebase to prepare for the game. The Freshman coaches were Mr. Smilinich and Mr. Rahl, the Sophomore coaches were Mr. Denard and Mr. Moore, Junior coaches were Mr. Freise, Mr. Curland and Ms. Crowley, and the Senior coaches were Mr. Binkowski and Mr. Yuhas. The Seniors have come in second place for the past three years so it was big for them to win last night. 

Reflecting on the performance of the Freshmen, Mr. Curland says, “The Freshmen did not play like Freshmen last night.” 

The money that was raised at the game will be distributed evenly to all four classes. The game had a great turnout, the student section was enthusiastic, and there were many people from the community there supporting.