Stonington Hopes to Pull Out a Win at the Homecoming Game Against Windham

Story by Nicole Haberek, Staff Writer

On Friday, October 19th, the Stonington High School Football team with have their game against Windham on the SHS turf at 6:30 pm. This game will be the Homecoming game before the Homecoming dance on Saturday.

The football team currently is 0-5, but they’re hoping to change that during the game on Friday. When asked what the team is doing to prepare for this game, Coach AJ Massengale says, “We prepare the same way for every game. We treat every individual game like it is a season. We approach it by working to get better and better every day.”

This game is the final celebration of the busy Homecoming Spirit Week that has been going on at SHS this week. Every day students have shown their excitement in Spirit Week, participating with the various themes and getting creative. When asked about how the school spirit affects the anticipation of the game, Massengale says, “There is lots of cool stuff in school happening. For us we want our kids to enjoy the fun stuff in school happening. But when it comes to the field, we don’t discuss it, it is all preparation and focus.”

As for during the game itself, it is expected to have a big turnout. The cheerleaders will be performing the halftime show and the school spirit will be at an all-time high.