SHS Hockey Season Winds Down

Senior Jack Mitchell takes to the ice, representing SHS on CT Eagles hockey team.

Senior Jack Mitchell takes to the ice, representing SHS on CT Eagles hockey team.

Story by Colette Dreher, Staff Writer

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Hockey is one of the various competitive sports played in the winter that students, both male and female, from Stonington High have the opportunity to play. The end of a season is always bittersweet no matter what, but seniors especially feel the impact of playing for their certain teams for the very last time.

Jack Mitchell, a senior forward on the Eastern Connecticut Eagles Hockey team, plays alongside players from East Lyme, Fitch, Ledyard, Waterford and Stonington. Mitchell just joined this team this year after leaving behind his old Central Connecticut team. When asked how he feels that his senior season is coming to a close, he admitted that he is “sad that it [the season] is almost over, but I couldn’t be more excited to play in college.”

Though Mitchell knows he wants to continue playing hockey in college, he is unsure of his exact plans, saying, “If I go to UMaine or UNH, which are on the list of my top schools, I want to play just club hockey. But anywhere else I want to play on a real team.”

Mitchell has made a name for himself during this past season, getting a feature article in The Norwich Bulletin in which it describes Mitchell as “a reliable defensive forward and an important asset on the team’s penalty kill unit.” The purpose of the article was to highlight that Jack was successful in being able to adjust to a new team, with new players and coaches that he hadn’t played with since his youth. His favorite game of the year was the one which he beat his old team eight to one. He was not only having fun competing but felt confident he made the right choice in switching.

Another key player for the Eagles is sophomore William Cannella, who also has just joined the team this year. Cannella talks about the team’s successes this year compared to previous years by saying, “I wasn’t there last year, but I know they only won 4 games which were the most they had ever won I think. And this year, we are 10-2-2 so far so there’s certainly been a big improvement.” Surely this increase in wins has made the hockey team a fierce and admired competitor. Cannella mentions that “a game that stands out is our recent win against LHHK (Lyman-Hall/Haddam-Killingworth) because they are probably the best team in the division. It showed that we can hang with the best.”

An important aspect in having a great team is being able to bond on and off the ice. When asked about the team’s chemistry, Cannella said, “I’ve played with a lot of the kids before when we were younger so we’ve known each other for a while. There’s a lot of joking around and banter and I think that translates well on to the ice. It’s easy and a lot of fun when you’re playing with your friends.”

The CT Eagles will be wrapping up their season in a few weeks feeling nothing but positive emotions toward their team, coaches, and record, being one of the best teams of the winter.

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