US Freedom of the Press Violations

Story by Greyson DelGrosso, Staff Writer

US Freedom of the Press Violations 

From May 26th to June 6th, the US Press Freedom Tracker has reported over 328 violations of press freedom incidents. This includes over 54 arrests, 208 assaults (173 by police), and 45 equipment/newsroom damages.

St. Louis Police arresting a Peaceful Protester

Breaking down the assault category, there have been 73 physical attacks (47 by police), 49 tear gassings, 25 pepper sprayings, and 83 rubber bullets or projectiles connecting. 

The number of protesters being arrested by police absolutely dwarfs the number of journalists being cuffed. Police are mostly arresting protesters, both peaceful and riotous, this must be noted. 

Journalists don’t often break laws on camera, and they certainly aren’t rioting while covering these protests. Their role is to inform the public, and police in this country seem to be having a problem with that. Numerous journalists have been recorded reporting, been approached by police, and pepper sprayed after identifying themselves as Press. That is a direct violation of the 1st Amendment. 

On June 1st President Trump and his staff used tear gas to clear protesters blocking their entry to a local church’s property for a bizarre biblical photo op.

Tensions between police and the media is nothing new over the course of history in this country. Journalists are the first to report injustices, and with our Commander in Chief labeling the press public enemy #1, these injustices can and have escalated to an unconstitutional level.