Beaches Open, Bringing Throngs of Screaming Children

Story by Maura Nowak, Staff Writer

Two weeks ago on Wednesday, a good amount of local shops and beaches re-opened after being closed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Like anyone else, I decided to enjoy the rare good weather after countless weeks of cold downpours and bleak gray skies. Last Saturday, I went to Old Saybrook Town Beach to get some fresh air while I read (of course, staying 6 ft apart from everyone and social distancing). I expected my experience to be relaxing, refreshing, and a nice break from the chaos of being stuck indoors with my family, two of which are currently under the age of six.

Instead, I found that I simply traded one screaming child for another, as there were hordes of children running amuck. The already relatively-small  beach was absolutely packed, ensuring that most people were closer than 6 ft apart from each other. Kids, unlike adults, don’t understand the concept of social distancing and would frequently run past me just inches away from my beach chair, despite the vast expanse of sand available to them. What surprised me the most was the amount of parents letting their children play with other families’ children in a huge game of tag that involved water guns, sand being kicked up, and an increase in screaming levels.

The overall volume was too loud. I left after 30 minutes, having read about 10 pages in that time. It was an experience that I am not likely to attempt again.