Being A Senior During Coronavirus

Story by Nicole Haberek, Staff Writer and Editor

Being a senior during the coronavirus has been one of the toughest experiences I have had thus far in my life. What was supposed to be some of the most exciting months of my life have turned into some of the most difficult. I have missed out on my last tennis season, senior prom, senior banquets, even normal graduation. 

For me, online learning has been extremely difficult. Trying to come up with a schedule for me to get all the work done isn’t easy, especially coming towards the end of the school year. I have to motivate myself to do the work and to not give up and go watch Netflix or go drive around listening to music. 

Everyone has always told me that senior year is going to be one of the best years of my life, and up until this point, it has been pretty great. This pandemic has made me feel defeated, it has made me feel like I’m missing out on some of the most memorable events of my life. 

One thing that I have realized through this whole thing is that even though I am missing out on some amazing events and moments, I have been able to appreciate what I have. In a few months, I will be starting college at the University of Delaware, six hours away from home. This pandemic has allowed me to spend ample time with my family, time that I would have been focused on in my last few months of high school. 

I was having a great senior year, and I was most excited for the upcoming months and it has been really tough to not get the experiences I have been waiting a lifetime for. The mother-daughter banquet is something that my mother and I have been looking forward to since the beginning of high school. It is such a special tradition that I was so sad to miss, but I am so grateful that my mom and I still got to do virtually. 

As of right now, I am excited to graduate. I am excited that we will still get somewhat of graduation and get to close out the senior year that none of us expected. I think I speak for all of us seniors when I say that now we are worried about the fall and what it will bring. We are all extremely excited about going to college or starting work or whatever else after high school will bring and we may not be able to start it when we all want to. 

Overall, this pandemic has been horrible and has taken so many things from me, but it has given me an opportunity to spend time with my loved ones and be grateful for what I have.